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Branding, Web Development, Webdesign, and Business Consultation. We got you covered.


Branding is incredibly important for virtually any business. The branding is what connects to your customers. It is the face of your company. After an innitial assesment , we will start to create an attractive Logo and branding for you.


SEO or search engine optimisation will help your customers find you! If you rank high in a competitive market you get more customers. An awesome website is only worth something, if people are actually able to find it online.


Our Web development will take care of all the technology running behind the scenes of your online business.  Our web development team works together with our design team to create something beautiful yet functional. 

What We Do Best

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We will identify the core values of your brand and create a face for your company.  

Web Design

We will create a clean and appealing design for your Website and Webshop. Without a top notch website you can not run a competitive business. 

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is among the most important features any modern website should have. With good SEO you rank high in Google and other search engines. This enables your custoomers to find you instead the other way around.

Content Strategy

We are capable of creating a content plan for you and we also have the capability to conieve and execute. We have a team of engaged content creators ready to create anything from image video to Blog Post. The possibilities are endless.

Information Architecture

We have highly advanced but easy to use systems that we implement in our web development to make your live easier.

Business Consulting

We will share all our knowledge with you and help you to create a plan for your business that works.

Work with a Team of Talented Design Ninjas

We have designers that know exactly what you need to sucseed with your CBD business. Over years of networking we have a efficient team of highly skilled Ninjas ready for you to make your vision a reality.

Fun Facts

We have a large Network and worked with people from more than 65 countries worldwide. 

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What We Do Best

We identify the potencial of your brand and create a custom website and webshop to get you started on your journey

The webdesign team of CBD Joon designed my entire online store and it`s awesome. We allready had a website but barely any sales since the design was just not up to snuff. It looks so awesome now.

Jake Yun

Entrepreneur, London

The design the team created for me is elegant and friendly. It reflects the core values of my brand and I couldn`t be more happy with the results. It was also quite impressive how fast they developed a plan for us.

Melissa Nunes

Healthcare Online Store Owner, Netherlands

They not only designed my website, they also took care of the whole branding of our business. The logo that they created is so unique and they made it according to our ideas. Somehow they did it even better than we would have imagined.

Rozaro Federar

Steven Muller, CBD Wholeseller

Our Trademarked 
Process & Workflow.

Regardless if you already have a website and hosting or not we got you covered. Contact us and we will identify a unique plan for your bsuiness.

Our Developers will implement several features to give you the edge against the competition. 

Project Research

We find out what works best for your project 


Once the research is done and the artistic direction has been decided our designers get to work. 


Our Backend Ninjas will take care that you have a solid technical basis to run your business. 

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